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We can help you reach new customers.

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Claim your free listing to have your product featured in our exclusive software directory—subject to terms and conditions, of course.

Get your product features listed

Expert product assessment

We'll examine your website and publicly available marketing information and link your product listing to our extensive database of common software capabilities and features.

Confirmed features and capabilities will make your listing searchable—getting you in front of more customers.

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Get independent verification of your product

Expert product trial

We'll trial your system, verify your product's features and write an unbiased product review.

Confirmed capabilities and verified features will make your listing searchable, and will give your customers confidence that your system has been reviewed by an independent expert.

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Want to improve your product?


We can help you develop software that businesses really need—and love using.

Gain insight into what your customers really want

We've evaluated hundreds of systems for our clients. Take advantage of our experience to reach new customers and develop software that businesses really need—and love using.

Develop your product roadmap

We can work with your to identify new features for your product and to prioritise your development effort to concentrate on the features your customers will most value.

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We can evaluate your product, help you define your roadmap or reach your ideal customers.

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