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Directory inclusion criteria

Find out what it takes to make it onto our exclusive list.

Our business software directory is different

We've tried other business software directories. We were determined that our listings would be:

  • Relevant to our UK-based business customers

  • Unbiased

  • High quality

To maintain this quality, we individually check every system to ensure it meets our stringent criteria. All to make searching for software easier for you.

Software must be…

For business customers

To be considered, any software must be targeted to business customers.

This will exclude games and most social media apps.


We can't review bespoke software before it's been built.

Accessible via a browser

We strongly believe in collaborating and sharing information between systems. This is limited by desktop-only software, so we've decided not to include these.

This would also exclude mobile phone apps.

Actively marketed

The system's sellers must be actively marketing the system.

No legacy or half-built apps, thank you.

Suitable for UK businesses

The software seller doesn't need to be based in the UK, but we wouldn't list systems that only include the dollar sign, for example.

Where relevant, the systems should claim to handle UK tax rules.

Software must not be…

IT utilities

We don't list things like operating systems, security software, virtual private network (VPN) software, firewalls, antivirus etc.

Our directory is for regular business users, not necessarily IT professionals.

Add-ins or extensions

We don't list add-ins or extensions to existing systems. We're looking for whole systems.

For excluded industries

We won't list software designed for certain excluded industries.

For more information, see our Seller Terms and Conditions.