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What we do


We are business analysts. We solve business problems.

We help business people make better use of technology.

We use business technology to make a positive difference to real, everyday people's lives.

We can help you to use better tools, and better ways of working, in your business—rather than hiring more people.

What makes us different


We know there are other software advice companies out there. But we set out to be better.

Our listings are unbiased

We aim to help you find the best software for your unique needs. That always comes first.

The lists you see will be based on our unbiased assessment of each system. We won't promote any one supplier over another, even if they pay us (we don't offer "premium" or "sponsored" listings).

We encourage you to focus on what you need

Our listings allow you to filter by software capabilities and features—the things you actually need the system to do.

This is the best way to choose new software, rather than being dazzled by what is available, or choosing a system just because it's popular.

We review software features not packages

We'll give our opinion on the system as a whole, but we focus on individual features within the system. This is so that you can decide if the system will do what you need it to do.

We keep it simple

We try to avoid over-complicating things. We avoid unnecessary acronyms and jargon.

Our listings are curated by business experts

All our reviews are written by business experts, not software developers. Our business analysts have used this type of system themselves.

Because of this, we understand why you might need a particular system—the business problem that you're trying to solve. And we can be realistic it what you can expect from a system.

We help UK-based businesses

One of our inclusion criteria is that each system must be suitable for UK-based businesses. The software seller doesn't need to be based in the UK, but we wouldn't list systems that only include the Dollar sign or don't support UK VAT, for example.

It can be so frustrating to find what you think is the perfect system, to then discover that the company doesn't offer support during UK office hours or that all the reports have Dollar signs on them.

We offer a complete service

Of course, you are free to browse our software directory, but we also offer bespoke support to businesses that need further assistance.

Our business analysts can meet with you and discuss your business in detail. We'll talk to your staff and really get to know your business. Not on a quick 15-minute phone call, but spending on average 2 hours with each person.

This is so that we can recommend the best system for you.

Our memberships


We are proud to be members of these business-focused organisations.

Legal notices


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